Did you know that there is no license for pet grooming in the state of Arizona?

What does this mean for you?  It means that groomers are not regulated or controlled by any state certifications, meaning the grooming salon you choose is important.  Its up to the owners and managers to regulate groomers and watch for the safety of your animal.  Grooming salons and groomers often say *certified groomer* on their cards, but by who?  Some people go to grooming schools and receive certifications, but these are not regulated either.  Anyone can go to an online grooming school, receive a certification without even touching a dog.   You have no way of knowing if the groomer you have has experience or knows what they are doing.  How do you know if those that are experienced are up to date on the latest grooming techniques, or have received the latest knowledge about your pets breed or health concerns?  We created this salon with that in mind, our job is to take care of your pets as if they were our own.  We have hand picked a team of groomers with talent, experience, dedication, and most importantly, a love and passion for your pets.